Ebola themed halloween costumes

Oct 11, 2014" The Ebola virus that has killed nearly 4, 000 people in west Africa seems to be this year's favorite among some planning for Halloween. Photos on Twitter hav And while the Ebola outbreak continues, is it right to make light of the epidemic with a Halloween costume?

Or is it all meant to be in good fun? Share your thoughts in the thread below and contribute images of the most tasteless Halloween costumes youve seen via GuardianWitness. Fortunately, Ebolathemed Halloween costumes havent made the Top 10 in Google searches for Halloween costume ideas, according to The Atlantic. But Halloween is still two weeks away. But Halloween is still two weeks away. Almost 30, 000 people have taken to social media this month to debate whether Ebolathemed Halloween costumes, be they homemade or storebought, are a great idea or yet another indication of society's moral decay.

Brands on Sale is advertising the" Ebola containment suit costume, a kit that includes a protective bodysuit, goggles and As in, Ebola doctors, Ebola patients and Ebola zombies.

The New York Posts Oct. 15 cover declared Ebola disease suits the hot costume this year, begging the question of what a sexy Ebola doc might look like. And then begging the question of if we even want to know the answer. NEW YORK If Halloween is supposed to be spooky, at least some costumes worn this year by partygoers in the United States promise to be terrifying.

Some of the more ghoulish trickortreaters will be dressed as emergency responders to people sick with Ebola, head to toe in protective clothing, according to costume previews in social media.

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