Nj snow storms history of halloween

The Haunted History of Halloween Years ago, this corner of the Northeast got hit with a freak snowstorm. It was one of the worst storms that I've seen and had to endure, as a result. That came two days before Halloween, which was surprisingly early for such a snow storm. But it was nothing compared to what happened in 2012, also two days The Halloween Storm of 1991 left significant damage along the east coast of the United States, primarily in Massachusetts and southern New Jersey.

Across seven states, damage totaled over 200 million (1991 USD). Oct 28, 2012 Storm slams Halloween for second year in a row. As Sandy approaches, New Englanders could miss out on Halloween for the second year in a row The 10 Worst Storms To Hit New Jersey Posted by: Ossiana Tepfenhart, September 8, 2015 We all remember Hurricane Sandy, and the damage that it The 2011 Halloween nor'easter, sometimes referred to as" Snowtober, " " Storm Alfred, " and" Oktoberblast, " was a large low pressure area that produced unusually early snowfall across the northeastern United States and the Canadian Maritimes.

Oct 10, 2011" No question that this is the largest October snowstorm on record in New Jersey, " Robinson said Sunday. The unusually early snowstorm arrived just two months after the devastating floods from Hurricane Irene, and seemed as bizarre as the earthquake that shook New Jersey a few days before that.

Oct 31, 2011 The storm swept harder across parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, upstate New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine, setting records in some places both for snowfall and power failures. Chosen for You from The Old Farmer's Store. You are here. Weather History General But first, lets talk about the unique geological and climatological features that have contributed to these major New Jersey snow storms.

New Jersey is positioned so that when midlatitude cyclones in the northern hemisphere (low pressure systems) take a certain track in the colder months, they result in major New Jersey snow storms. That Oct 10, 2011 " Every property and every home, theres just trees down everywhere.

Weve been through snowstorms, but Ive never seen anything like this, not from snow. " This weekends storm adds to a recent New Jersey climate history that is chock full of milestones. In July, Newark recorded the second hottest temperature in state history Oct 29, 2014 A Halloween Snowstorm Looks Increasingly Likely for the Eastern U.

S. A Halloween Snowstorm Looks Increasingly Likely for the Eastern U. S. snow is looking increasingly likely on Halloween Epic. Incredible. Downright ridiculous. These words best describe the historic snowstorm that delivered a crippling wallop to parts of the mid Coastal areas from Florida to Maine will feel some effects, but the storm is expected to vent the worst of its fury on New Jersey and the New York City area, which could see around 5 inches of rain and galeforce winds close to 40 mph.

Eastern Ohio, southwestern Pennsylvania and western Virginia could get snow. And the storm will

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