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Oct 20, 2012 anyone have any ideas for good pranks this halloween? Oct 18, 2007 Anything at all. i dont care if they are destructive. do not tell me to not go pranking. i know the risks. Oct 04, 2011 My boyfriend scared the crap outta me the other day so I want to get him back, I was thinking of stabbing a bloody knife in the bed ( Really just food coloring ) With a note saying" I know what you did this summer" while he's sleeping (He cheated on me this summer) But he's not easily scared any ideas?

Oct 13, 2012  Yahoo New Zealand Answers Sign in Mail Help. Account Info; Help; Send feedback; Entertainment& Music Jokes& Riddles. Next. HARMLESS Pranks to play on neighbors: )?

GOOD PRANKS?. harmless pranks to play on neighbors for Halloween. Something besides toilet paper? Sep 27, 2007 We've all been there, im sure. What Halloween pranks yahoo answers some of the crazy things you've done on Halloween? Oct 14, 2015  People have been playing pranks on or near Halloween since the 18th century. Describing Halloween in 1780, Scottish Oct 29, 2007 I am 17 years old and will be handing out candy this year on Halloween with my girlfriend.

What are some good pranks that we could pull on trick or treaters for a low price (prefereably free)? Sep 18, 2011  At halloween me and my friend are going to play a very scary halloween prank on our other friends, so far its going good but we don't know how to continue the prank, so can yous give us ideas on what to do next. we want our prank to be believe able, because they know when its a prank and don't scare easily. So far we have our Halloween pranks don't necessarily have to be cruel, and with a bit of forethought everyone can enjoy this most ghoulish of holidays.

Why not consider knocking on a neighbor's door and giving Oct 13, 2006 what are some good pranks that i can play on trickortreaters that come to my house? what cd has good creepy sound effects? and if i have friends over, and decide not to do the pranks, what are some good movies to watch that r not rated R and not too scary?

(i m lds, so plz think of some movies my parents wont mind me watching) Oct 29, 2007 Yahoo Philippines Answers Did or do you pull Halloween pranks? : sometimes Do you believe in ghosts? : yes Do you decorate your home for Halloween? : not every year Feb 08, 2008  im going to sleep @ mi friends house 2morrow for her bday partay, and i want to pull some pranks on the bday girl, and some of the other girls.

what would be some cool, safe, funny, not messy pranks to do on the girls. nothing messsy cuz he bday girls has really nice expensive bedding and her mom would get mad if she saw what happend to them thanks no saarcastic answers Oct 30, 2008 okay so this year, i wanna really scare my friends.

i need something that would make them RUN! any ideas? and by the way, nothing lame like fake spiders and stuff. i need something that could make the pss their pants scared: easy 10 points!

Nov 21, 2008 Yahoo UK& Ireland Answers Sleepover pranks? i need good scary ones? 2 following. 5 answers Halloween pranks yahoo answers.

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Scary sleepover prank? More questions. Oct 08, 2007 there is this toataly stupid boy in my neighborhood. i want to give him a halloween prank. it can be mean, but i dont want to get in trouble. Sep 29, 2007 what are some funny pranks on halloween. This is an old one, but everybody loves it. Get a small bag of Dog Crap, bring it up on some body's porch or stoup, make sure it's made of cement.

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