Where to buy halloween costumes in seoul

Note: The following information is accurate as of October 2017. Halloween isn't a traditional holiday here in Korea but over the past decade or so, it has begun to slowly seep into the nation's culture. In Seoul, decorations can be spotted in storefronts while costumes can be purchased at Oct 19, 2011 They have both men's and women's costumes including all the staple Halloween choices for women (read slutty Halloween choices) like army girl, nurse, maid, Wonderwoman, fairy, angel, devil, witch and various Disney characters.

With Halloween quickly approaching, some of you may be scrambling to put the final touched on your costumes (like me) or perhaps you made a last minute decision to dress up.

Whatever the case, it can be a little challenging to find the perfect costume in Korea. Luckily there are a few good costume stores If you don't have any ideas of preparing Halloween costume for approaching Halloween party this year, " Joyparty" is the best place to buy Halloween stuff in Korea.

There are different kinds of A Halloween supply store in Seoul worth checking out for all your Halloween needs! Seoul Halloween Store Satisfies All Your Spooky Needs.

Posted on Wed, Oct 16, another large wall of premade costumes reasonably priced at around 35, 000 won, and several aisles of random accessories and decorations. Oct 14, 2011 Of course the first stop for most expats in Korea is Itaewon when you're looking for the special illusive items. In this case you will find some Halloween goodies but not a great deal.

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