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Most children expect to get candy when they go trickortreating. But, if they stop by one Fargo, North Dakota woman's house, they might A woman in Fargo, ND, denied candy to certain children yesterday. Instead, she gave them a Halloween letter for their parents.

The letter read, in part: " Your child is, in my opinion, moderately A woman named Cheryl called into a local radio station in Fargo Moorhead, ND.

Cheryl told the radio hosts that instead of giving out candy Oct 30, 2013  Imagine going trickortreating for candy this Halloween and getting a critical letter in your candy bag. Thats what may On Wednesday, I happened upon a news story about a Fargo, ND woman who plans to hand out letters to overweight trickortreaters instead of candy. The note is addressed Oct 30, 2013 Children in a North Dakota neighborhood may be slated to get an awful surprise this Halloween: A local woman is reportedly planning to hand out" fat lett Oct 30, 2013 A Fargo, N.

D.woman says she will give trickortreaters that she deems" moderately obese" a letter instead of candy this Halloween. " I just want to send a message to the parents of kids that are Oct 23, 2017 I'd like to thank the thoughtless thieves who removed my Halloween lights from outside of our front door.

I hope they make you really happy because you've broken my heart. If you think I'm being Oct 30, 2013 In case you missed it, a Fargo, N. D.woman called a local radio station Tuesday and said she was going to hand out letters to overweight children on Halloween instead of candy.

In the letter which was sent to station Y94 the anonymous woman tells parents that the child is" moderately obese

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