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Sep 24, 2014 Dreamhowl plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Happy Home Designer, and Pocket Camp. She enjoys decorating her home and starting new projects. Halloween is an event celebrated on October 31 from 6 PM until 1 AM the next morning. Jack a character sporting a pumpkin on top of his head will appear Nov 04, 2016 Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Leaf begins at 6: 00 pm on October 31st.

On October 1st, Jack, the" Czar" of Halloween shows up in your town and asks if you would be willing to serve him on the Halloween is an autumn event that is celebrated by the villagers of the town in the Animal Crossing series.

Jack, a character wearing a pumpkin on his head, appears at 6: 00 P. M. until 1: 00 A. M. (12: 00 AM in City Folk and New Leaf ) During this time, villagers around the town will dress up like him. May 26, 2014  Animal Crossing: New Leaf music that has been extended to play for at least 15. 5 minutes. Composer(s): Manaka Kataoka, Atsuko Asahi Arranger(s): Manaka Nov 02, 2013  Animal Crossing: New Leaf Part 214 Halloween!

(Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough Day 145) Duration: Halloween Animal Crossing: New Leaf Music Halloween is on October 31 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

During Halloween, you can get lollipops and candy from villagers, which you can exchange with Jack for rare Spooky or Creepy furniture. Jack, Animal Crossing: New Leaf Jack is a specter and the selfproclaimed Czar of Halloween who appears once a year on Halloween between the hours of 6: 00 PM and 1: 00 AM on November 1, which is also his birthday.

Jack, New Leaf Jack (, Panpukingu, Pumpking), or the selfproclaimed Czar of Halloween, is a character from the Animal Crossing series who is a specter. He appears once a year for Halloween, from 6: 00 PM until 1: 00 AM the following day.

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