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Here are 2018 best Halloween events in Tokyo including Shibuya Halloween! Best Halloween Events in Tokyo 2018! ! Homepage. Japan Travel Guide JW Web Magazine. Best Spots to Spend Halloween in Tokyo 2018. Japan Travel Guide JW Web Magazine delivers useful travel tips and the latest cool trends from Tokyo to all Enjoy these 100 exclusive pictures of Shibuyas Halloween street party and hope to see you there in person next year. Happy Halloween, everyone! Update: We posted 350 new pictures from Halloween night in Tokyo& a video showing the super fun madness the street party in Shibuya on Halloween night.

This celebration has become a massive hit in Tokyo in recent yearscheck out the slideshow video above of scenes from the streets of Halloween Shibuya 2016. Halloweensometimes along with Christmasdecorations and goodies can be found in some shops and department stores as early as September, and there are now several If you're in Japan in the fall, Halloween celebrations are often held in September and October.

Tokyo, Osaka, and Kanagawa are the most popular destinations for costumed fun, but more cities across the country are embracing the holiday each year. Halloween was a nonevent in Tokyo just 5 years ago. A few scattered clubs would attract a crowd and that was it. In recently years, interest is blooming. Many clubs and bars in Tokyo hold Halloween events, especially those in If youre not afraid of the crowds, the famous Shibuya scramble crossing is truly a sight to behold.

Ultimately, the Halloween festivities vary depending on which day of the week Halloween falls on. This year, in 2017, Halloween will fall on a Tuesday. Because of this, you can expect at least three major days of celebrations in Tokyo.

According to reports, the two streets subject to vehicle restrictions include one stretching from the Shibuya scramble crossing some 270 meters toward Dogenzaka past the Shibuya 109 fashion emporium, and another branching from 109 to the Dogenzaka 2chome intersection near the Tokyu Department Store. Experiences at say, international schools in Japan for example tend to be different than the rest of Japan, however.

Depending on the school, they may very well have parties so the children there can experience what it is like Oct 31, 2017  Had the best Halloween in Shibuya! Ive gone there many times for Halloween but it was super fun again this year! If you are in Japan during Halloween, I recommend trying out Shibuya at least If you are in Tokyo during the Halloween week and want to experience the unique way Japanese celebrate Halloween, then you MUST NOT miss out the Halloween night at Shibuya.

Halloween in Shibuya: A Night Like No OtherTaiken Japan Halloween is over, but Japan is still cleaning up the mess. It seems like every year the outrage against Halloween in Japan increases.

A decade ago Japanese people were complaining about foreigners dressing up and riding trains.

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