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The TV channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family) annually presents their special" 13 Nights of Halloween" with specialized Halloween episodes of regularly scheduled programs, as well as specified Halloween specials and movies to play for the 13 nights leading up to October 31. Bugs Bunny's HOWLOween Special. Like the Disney special, this Looney Tunes show compiled The comment special halloween cartoons bunch of scary cartoons from years past. I'm partial to Transylvania, a cartoon in which Bugs takes a wrong turn headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and finds himself in" Pittsburghe, Transylvania.

" He mistakes a vampire's enormous manor for Many of us remember a time when Halloween entertainment was rife with specialty programming some that we only saw once a year.

Although television still continues the trend of special Halloween episodes (originally started by Roseanne), there are more than a few iconic Halloween specials which have fallen to the wayside. Nothing makes us feel like kids again more than Halloween. All of our greatest memories associated with the spooky holiday conjure up snapshots of crafty costumes and cavityinducing treats.

In the days leading up to Halloween, creepy cartoons always set the mood with spinetingling tales and famous animated characters channeling the dark side. Oct 27, 2008  In 1966, after the success of A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS CBS premiered what would turn out to be the mostpopular and bestloved Halloween cartoon ever, IT'S THE GREAT PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN.

With a The comment special halloween cartoons jazzy soundtrack and wonderful" graphic blandishment"this special evokes the season of autumn like Oct 14, 2016  OM NOM VS GIANT CANDY LOLLIPOPS Cut the Rope Funny Cartoons for Kids HooplaKidz TV LIVE HooplaKidz TV Funny Cartoons For Children 971 watching Elviras Halloween Special aired only once, though devotees of the Mistress of the Dark have kept it circulating via bootlegs and the internet.

Dated, goofy but none the less wacky fun, Elviras Halloween Special manages to make irritating jokes into charming quips, courtesy of the title mistress. Trick or Treat (1952) Its Halloween night and Donald pulls some pranks on his nephews. Fortunately Witch Hazel happens to observe the offense and offers up a bit of haunted hijinx as payback. Like A Disney Halloween, this Looney Tunes special is an anthology of older clips and cartoon shorts.

Also, as in the aforementioned Donald Duck short, legendary voice actress June Foray provides the voice of the witch. The late great Gilda Radner lends her voice to this cartoon about a whole town being transformed into real life version of their halloween costumes and the chaos that ensues. You can get this special on DVD from Amazon for less than 5 and comes with a bunch of other Halloween cartoons as well.

It's only fair that we kick off with the first family of creepy, kooky, mysterious, et al. Anything in the Addams Family franchise screams Halloween, but, if you're looking for an actual Halloween special, check out this episode about a Sep 20, 2018  Booba Compilation of All Episodes LIVE Stream TV Booba Cartoon for kids 2, 620 watching Live now The Good Dinosaur Best Scenes 8 years 10 months ago Posts: 551; Someone probably does this every year but I want to know all the old Halloween cartoons and specials of cartoons and shows you can think of weather you enjoyed them or not.

Disney's Halloween Treat (1982) Perhaps my most favorite Halloween special along side The Halloween That Almost Wasn't. Hosted by a talking pumpkin, we are entertained by a collection of spooky themed cartoons relating to a few witches, a few villains, a few treats, a few tricks, and oh yes a few scares.

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