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The fourth Jules Verne adaptation directed by Czech director Zeman. Based on Verne's novel Hector Servadac, the film details how a piece of Earth suddenly becomes a comet and floats through space AMC will bring back its Fearfest programming event this year, with movies including Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Childs Play, Leprachaun, and Dawn of the Dead. Fear Fest officially begins this year on Monday, October 23rd and lasts up until Halloween day.

Get air times for AMC Originals like Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead and The Killing, as well as movies on AMC. AMC is only running the marathon for one week this year, with the other week thats normally reserved for FearFest being devoted to The Walking Dead.

The good [ Here's the Full AMC One of the best Halloween marathons to air on television is AMCs FearFest which kicks off today and will run through Halloween night. Below you will find the schedule, filled with lots of fantastic, creepy, scary films that will keep you up all night. A to Z listing of your favorite Halloween movies including animated, funny, scary and horror flicks. Find out when your favorite movies will be on TV this year.

AMC Fearfest 2016 will launch on October 16, 2016. Celebrating 20 years of Fearfest we are promised an extra week of horror movie programming. Halloween 2018 Poster Released. Endzeit (2018) Review. Horror News. What about night of the comet or night of the living dead? Wheres the bride of Frankenstein? ? ? Where are the Get ready for the 2015 AMC FearFest! This years FearFest will start a bit later than normal and start on October 18, 2015 and end on Saturday October 31, 2015.

(Yes, we love when Halloween is on a Saturday! ) Instead of starting in early October it will follow AMCs Zombie Apocalypse Week Also, you should bring back the Count for maybe a weekly October event leading up to Halloween, much like AMC Fearfest.

Errm, minus the 1, 000 reruns of The Walking Dead. Just throwing that out there. Aug 31, 2018 On a side note, I don't think they really fall into the horror category but AMC was showing Predator 1 and 2 on fearfest this week, so I watched both for the 1000th time each. Say what you want about either, but gaddamn are those some good Silvestri scores

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