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Dr. Byron Orpheus (voiced by Steven Rattazzi): An expert necromancer and mystic who rents a portion of the Venture Compound and is friendly with Dr.

Venture. Along with Brock, he is the only associate of Dr. Venture who displays any sort of competence, although his pomposity tends to detract from his abilities. " A Very Venture Halloween" is a Venture Bros.

special that takes place during the events of What Color Is Your Cleansuit which spans three months time. Billy again Dr orpheus halloween his obsession with the old Rusty Venture cartoon series through his Halloween costume. Dr. Orpheus mistakenly calls Kurse by the name Venture Brothers Wiki Oct 31, 2013 Halloween is the night we discover who we are. Are we people who make zombie armies? Are we those who condemn others? Or are we beautiful children in " Dr. " Byron Orpheus is one of the characters on the Adult Swim show The Venture Bros, a necromancer who rents living quarters in the East Wing of the Venture Compound from Dr.

Venture, and resides there with his daughter Triana Orpheus. Dr. Orpheus is most likely a parody ofreference to The second main plot sees the always welcome return of Dr.

Orpheus and the Order of the Triad. They host the gathering of the Brimstone Assembly in Orpheuss place, and its quite the group of mystical figures that shows up. " A Very Venture Halloween" is a special Halloweenthemed episode of the Adult Swim original series The Venture Bros. The story begins 4 Years ago on Halloween (likely starting in Season 1), with Hank and Dean trying to scare their father Rusty and Brock (who is still their bodyguard at the time Summary The Venture headquarters is possessed!

Or maybe it's just regular haunted. Or it could just be a computer glitch. Whatever it is, only Orpheus and his Order of the Triad can unlock the mystery. Backstory Reference Some of the backstory in this episode comes from: Season 1, Jul 12, 2016 excerpt from The Venture Brothers cartoon Halloween special how does this pertain to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol well, what could be kooler than Oct 28, 2012 Directed by Christopher McCulloch.

With H. Jon Benjamin, Doc Hammer, Christopher McCulloch, Charles Parnell. Halloween Special of The Venture Bros. Ben even says as much during the Halloween special when talking to Dean.

He says specifically" your father and I" when talking about perfecting cloning. seeing the past, making himself appear invisible to others (illusion). It's as if Dr Orpheus is the Dr. Strange of Venture Universe. I dunno if he can fly and control time but he could

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