Legal Sports Betting Arrives After Many Years

Written by Doris Shaw on March 21, 2021 in Sports Betting with no comments.

A popular daily sports betting news and info show (noon-afternoon, 6-7 p.m. CT, ESPN2) which aims to better serve the multitudes of sports lovers who partake in sports wagering provides a service that enables everyone to participate. In sports wagering, fans place their bets on a specific team or player and hope that their team will come out on top. Betting comes in three categories, one-game, two-game and whole season sports wagers. Just like Toto (토토) betting is legal in South Korea and Asia, sports betting is legal in almost all countries these days. There are only a few jurisdictions that ban sports betting; in these instances, betting on sports with high stakes is prohibited.

Minnesota, as the fifth largest state in the U.S. has legalized sports betting. As it currently stands, the law on sports betting in Minnesota remains in its infancy. There are no published guidelines that govern how much money can be placed on each game. The Minnesota State Department of Revenue is still in the process of reviewing the legal framework for gambling in Minnesota.

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If the law were to change, it is possible that in five years the law could change allowing sports betting from a one-time event to a multiple-time event. At this point it appears that the first legal sports bets would be placed on Minnesota Vikings tickets. In late February, the Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill that allows any person to begin placing bets on a game. The House also voted to legalize sports betting on college games. This means that in five years the NCAA will be able to institute college betting tournaments.

In late March, the Minnesota House also passed a bill that will regulate sports wagering in the state. Similar to the legalized gambling legislation in Nevada, the new ballot measure will allow only registered sports bookmakers to participate in state-regulated sports wagering. Prior to passing the ballot measure, the House had passed a bill which prohibits licensed online sports books from processing transactions for individuals who wish to place bets on games. Many individuals and sports book establishments are concerned that because they cannot conduct live wagering, they will not have enough customers to survive. This bill was included in a package of measures aiming to increase regulation of sports betting.

Two months later, in mid-March the Minnesota House voted to pass a sports betting legislation that will now be considered during the summer session. Similar to other state lawmakers, many members of the Minnesota House voted to legalize sports betting but are concerned about the impact that the new law will have on the lower income residents who make up the majority of the residents in the state. The majority of the members supporting the legalizing of sports betting do so because they want to encourage more people to start wagering on sports games as a means of supplementing their income. However, some legislators feel that the law would prevent low-income individuals from being able to enjoy the benefits of earning extra income through sports betting.

Proponents of legalized sports betting believe that there will be a significant number of individuals that will be able to take advantage of legalized wagering by patronizing several casinos. According to the latest Minnesota Poll, a number of residents (over 40%) supports legalized sports betting. The overwhelming majority (at least 90%) believe that it is likely that the Minnesota gaming commission will begin allowing businesses that offer electronic wagers to open up shop in the state.

As of late, it appears that the Minnesota Gaming Commission may not be receptive to the idea of allowing sports bookies to participate in the implementation of legalized sports betting. A member of the commission told the Star-Trib that he was unaware that the Gambling Board of Minnesota was considering having electronic sports betting in the state. He also claimed that he didn’t know why the Gambling Commission would want to regulate the number of casinos (as of Dec. 31, 2021). In an article on the WCCoH website, Gregory Burris, a lawyer and vice-chairman of the Gambling Awareness Institute believes that there will be a significant number of people that will be able to take advantage of legalized sports betting. According to Burris, only three percent of current customers use a casino resort for their gambling needs, so there will still be an opportunity for these customers to patronize a casino resort via an online gambling site.

Sports enthusiasts and Minnesota residents are optimistic about the potential of legalized sports betting. According to the Minnesota Poll, more than half of the respondents believed that the new law would help sports betting in the state. However, many officials in the Minnesotan government and throughout the state are worried about how this new law could affect the gaming revenues of the state. The new law may have a minimal effect on the tourism industry in the state, but some officials believe that the negative blow that this new law could take away from the gambling industry could be more detrimental to the gambling industry than the positive revenue increase that the industry should be expecting.

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